WooCommerce Memberships Extension

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Wanted to sell membership using woocommerce? Now you have this powerful extension specially created for that purpose- WooCommerce Memberships!

WooCommerce Memberships Extension Version: 1.14.0

Total Downloads Delivered: 1929

Updated On: September 19, 2019

Product Description

WooCommerce Memberships Extension is a great extension ever developed for woocommerce and is mainly targetted to sell items requiring recurring payments but does not offer any control on viewership of your content. Means if you want to create web store with restricted viewership, you can not achieve it without any of the membership plugins. If you use Groups by itthinx and woocommerce subscription, you can control who can see content at limited level.

But if you need to have full control over visibility of your control along with various member levels and full fledged membership system using woocommerce, WooCommerce Memberships is a perfect tool. It not only restricts content but can also control, who can see product or who can purchase item depending on their member level. And than you can sell memberships with different levels and prices.

This not only restricts products but you can use its features for remaining of your website as well like custom post types, blog posts etc.. WooCommerce Membership also comes with drip function as well and you can communicate and provide your customer various discounts and membership upgrades using its cool features. Other advantage of WooCommerce Memberships is that it is more powerful when you use it with Subscriptions extension and together they can provide you enhanced features.


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