WooCommerce is the best WordPress plugin for eCommerce businesses. It can be customized as per your need. There are plenty of Premium WooCommerce Extensions are available. Here is the Top 10 Most Recommended Extensions for your convenience:

1) Product Add-Ons:

This awesome extension will let you customers to customize the dropdowns & check boxes. Product Add-Ons allows your customers to choose the right products for them by using gift messages, laser engraving etc.

woocommerc eproduct add ons woobeast

product adds ons woobeast

2) WooCommerce Bookings:

This is very powerful tool to sell your time or schedule based products like services, appointments or rentals. For more details go to WooCommerce Bookings Official Page.

3) WooCommerce Memberships:

With the help of this extensions you can sell memberships on your WooCommerce Store. This membership solution integrated with contents and products.

4) Product Vendor:

Product Vendors allows vendors to sell products and earn commission in multi-seller marketplace. So, if you are planning to setup a multi-vendor marketplace this extension is a must for you. Vendors can also have access to products info customization. But you have 100% control over how much commission you get per sale.

woocommerce vendors woobeast

5) Account Funds:

Account Funds allows your customer to deposit their money for future purchase.  you cal also reward them discounts if they fund money to in your store. This way your customers will have a more hassle free shopping experiences.

Account Funds woobeast

6) Brands:

This extension will allow you to create & assign brands for your products & lets customers filter by brands. You can also show the thumbnail of the brands on product page. Widgets are also available.

woocommerce brand woobeast

7) PDF Invoice:

This plugin will automatically create pdf invoice and send it via customers email or customers can download it from his account. PDF invoices can be customized.

woocommerce pdf invoicec woobeast

8) Checkout Field Editor:

With this fantastic extension you can customize your entire checkout field boxes. A very tiny extension for a very important job. You can simply get rid of Company, Phone Number & other boxes.

woocommerce checkout field editor woobeast

9) WooCommerce Social Login:

This Social Login extension will let customers complete their payment in a seamless way & without signing up on your store. This can certainly boost your sale, because people always want to shop in a very short period of time.

woocommerce social login woobeast

10) WooCommerce Tab Manager:

This extension will give you total control over your tabs on products pages. Simply create or modify global or local tabs with this important extension. It has a visual drag-and-drop interface for more convenience.

woocommerce tab manager woobeast

These are the top 10 most important WooCommerce Extensions in our eyes.  Let us know your recommended extensions via commenting below. Thanks!